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Tales from the crypt: ghosts & vampires

Shepparton News 8 July, 1998, pp 1 & 11
Photography by Julie Mercer

Drew SintonEvery one of us knows a vampire - they may be a human blood drinker, a psychic energy sucker or a spirit which attacks us as we sleep, says a vampire expert.

Drew Sinton is Australia's ambassador of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula and a well-known ghost hunter.

"Pretty much anything we can imagine does exist," said Mr Sinton, who was lecturing in Mooroopna on the weekend.

He said the world has produced many mortal blood drinkers, citing various murderers throughout history as examples.

Mr Sinton said Jesus Christ was also an example of a vampire.

"Christ was one of the greatest vampires that ever lived," he said. "All Christians are also vampires.

"They drink Christ's blood and eat his body in return for eternal life. What is the difference between Christians and vampires?"

Mr Sinton said vampires can also be psychic energy drainers.

"These are people who intentionally or unintentionally drain your energy," he said.

People who have "poor-me syndrome", constantly arrive late or always have an entourage are psychic vampires he said. "A good example of psychic vampirism can be found in some couples," Mr Sinton said.

"A bright and lively woman gets together with a withdrawn man. A few months later the roles seem to have reversed and he is happy while she is down.

"It becomes a host parasite situation, where they don't know why they are together but there is something binding them. It is an energy dependency."

Mr Sinton said many ghosts are also vampires.

"Ghosts usually don't know they are dead, and they cling on to their human existence. They need energy to survive and can get it in one of two ways," he said.

"Imagine this situation. It's three in the morning and you wake up for no apparent reason.

"You feel like someone is watching you. You get an adrenaline rush and feel paralysed. There is pressure on your chest."

Mr Sinton believes this is a spirit vampire draining energy from the heart chakra, a powerful energy point on the body.

"The other way they get energy is to create friction between family members. Ghosts are responsible for many instances of domestic violence," he said.

Mr Sinton became interested in vampires and hauntings years ago when he was working as a journalist.

He now runs an alternative book shop in Melbourne and lectures about vampires and ghosts throughout Australia.

He also guides tours through Transylvania, tracing the history of vampires.

Mr Sinton was presented in Mooroopna by Wiccan Wonders, a spells and potions business. He will return to give more talks throughout the year. Phone Wiccan Wonders on 5825 3227 for more information.

Combating vampires

Drew Sinton, a leading authority on vampires, has the following tips for preventing vampire attacks:

* Be boring - the vampire will move on to someone else.
* Employ a medium or clairvoyant to ask what a spirit vampire wants and help it move on.
* Make your own holy water and bless vampire infested rooms.
* Use a prayer service designed to move spirits on to the next world.
* Learn to seal your aura to prevent vampires getting close to you.
* Cast the Wiccan spell for banishing vampires.
* Believe in yourself. Stand up to the vampire and tell it to "get lost".

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