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Melbourne Yarra Leader 12 April, 2006, pp 1 & 3
By Maria Bervanakis with photography by Tony Gough

Drew SintonSTAFF at one of Melbourne's newest shopping meccas are reporting some very spooky goings-on. QV, on the site of the former Queen Victoria Women's Hospital, has been added to a ghost tour after repeated night sightings of a nurse spirit.

SOMETHING strange is happening at Melbourne's QV shopping complex - night staff are spotting ghosts.

It has become such a spooky place that it has just been added to Melbourne's longest-running ghost tour.

The news comes as the original owners of the CBD pub Pugg Mahones revealed they were spooked out of it by a resident ghost.

Drew Sinton, operator of the Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour, said it had taken four months to investigate reports of ghost sightings at the former Queen Victoria Hospital building and he now had enough eyewitness accounts to go public.

"I received a call just before Christmas from the building's marketing manager, Emma Moore, saying 'something strange is going on here, can we have a meeting?'," he said.

Mr Sinton - ex-journalist, theology student and Grotto Master of the Church of Satan - held interviews with parking attendants, security officers, cleaners and others.

Those prepared to speak revealed a common theme in their accounts: they saw the "ghosts" of nurses and (usually) at night.

"They said they mainly saw the ghost nurses in the old children's ward (where Harvey Norman now stands)," Mr Sinton; 44, said.

"They are not really bothering anyone usually, it's just as much a case of the staff becoming aware of the ghosts as the ghosts of them."

QV marketing manager Emma Moore confirmed that there had been ghost sightings, mainly by security guards at night.

"We recognise that there may potentially be ghostly figures here," she said.

"There is apparently a ghostly figure in QV Square and it is pointing up to the former Children's Ward."

Pugg Mahones Irish pub in Hardware St is one of the original stops on the tour that has run for nine years.

The pub has been under new management since February after the previous owners, brothers Scott and Luke Macumber, were spooked out.

They have security footage of a ghostly figure, believed to be a man killed at the former cotton mill, hovering around the pub.

Luke, 30, said he convinced Scott to sell the pub because the ghost had spooked him out, despite never believing in ghosts before.

"Scott did not want to sell, I didn't want to work there anymore ... it was just too weird," Luke said.

"We had knives go missing never to be found, return to find fridge doors open or empty pints on the bar when we opened in the morning."

The pub's new manager, Jason Cassin, said he had heard about the ghost but had not seen it.

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