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Caulfield-Glen Eira Leader 18 January, 1999, pp 1, 12-13; Port Phillip-Caulfield Leader 18 January, 1999, pp 12-13
By Jeremy Gronow with photography by Valeriu Campan

Drew SintonWho knows how many earthbound spirits walk the streets of Glen Eira?

The Leader's exclusive in-depth paranormal investigation has revealed at least 11 previously undocumented ghosts haunting the area.

And if this isn't strange enough, nine of these new-found ghosts are doing the rhumba. Intrigued?

The truth is out there

According to ghost hunter Drew Sinton not a day goes by without someone coming into his Haunted Bookshop in McKillop St and saying "you might think I'm crazy but ..."

People from all walks of life have supernatural experiences but don't tell others for fear of being ridiculed, but Mr Sinton is always happy to listen and add another story to his files.

Mr Sinton became interested in the paranormal as a child after seeing Kevin Arnett's television specials in the 1970s.

His interest became an obsession and he began reading and researching the supernatural.

After a stint as a journalist he opened the Haunted Bookshop on Halloween in 1997.

Mr Sinton conducts a nightly ghost tour of 50 haunted sites around the Melbourne CBD.

As you might expect from someone who makes a living from the supernatural, Mr Sinton has little time for sceptics.

"While all the evidence may be against the existence of ghosts. all the experience seems to be for it."

And has he ever been completely terrified?

"The only time I've been really terrified was when we got an idiot coming into the bookshop with a syringe."

Clairvoyant Angelica Danton, who operates from the bookshop, first discovered her paranormal gifts as a 14-year-old when her brother gave her a deck of tarot cards.

Ms Danton quickly became an expert at reading the tarot and developed a reputation for incredible accuracy.

"I was raised in a mediumistic family, so I was taught from a young age not he afraid of spirits and psychic abilities," she said.

According to Ms Danton, clairvoyants pick up the energies of the past, present, and future. "It's something beyond logic and emotion. A matter of being more sensitive to spirits."

Elsternwick's haunted movie house

Elsternwick's Classic Cinema is one of the most haunted places in Glen Eira, with about 10 ghosts "in residence", according to ghost hunters Drew Sinton and Angelica Danton.

Staff have long been aware of a mischievous spirit who takes delight in spooking them with pranks but had no idea there was a paranormal party going on in the theatre in the wee hours.

According to clairvoyant Danton, there is a group of about nine ghosts dancing the rhumba in the stalls area. It seems the dancers are a throwback to the Classic's days as a dance hall in the late 19th century.

Like the living, the spectres come to the theatre for company and entertainment.

"They used to be happy when they came here during their lives and they come back to enjoy themselves again," Ms Danton said.

During a seance conducted as preliminary research, the dancers actually invited the ghost hunters to a party at the cinema.

Plans are afoot with the theatre's management to organise another seance to find out more about the dancers.

While staff were unaware of the dancers, the prankster has often made his presence felt.

Ms Danton said the prankster was a lonely, movie-loving ghost who enjoys the energy of cinema crowds.

She described him as a small man dressed in clothes from around 1930. Unlike the dancers, who keep to themselves, the prankster enjoys contact with the living.

"He's here now, I felt him come right past me," she said.

.Projectionist Jeff Jacklin has no doubts about a supernatural presence at the theatre. He said he was no longer comfortable wandering about the cinema in the dark late at night as his job sometimes requires.

Mr Jacklin has had several experiences with the playful phantom.

Late one night he was filling out time sheets before going home. The door to the manager's office was locked and so he knelt down and slid the first sheet under the door.

Suddenly the sheet was ripped from his hand as though someone had grabbed it from the other side of the door.

Startled, Mr Jacklin began sliding the next sheet through when the same thing happened. He dropped the rest of the sheets and made a hasty exit from the cinema.

On another occasion a spool rewinding machine spun of its own accord.

After a couple of these encounters Mr Jacklin confronted the ghost yelling, "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone!".

''Once I had a talk to it things cleared up a bit. After that, there were fewer incidents," he said.

Ticket seller Delyce Litchfield has worked at the Classic for the past 12 years and firmly believes there is a ghost.

Sometimes Delyce felt something watching her from the stairs.

"I don t feel that he's there all the time. I just know he's not a bad thing."

Delyce also recalls two occasions when staff have heard their names called out with no explanation.

She remembers a former owner of the theatre who would sleep in the projection booth and be regularly woken by a ghostly presence.

"He would just shout at it and it would go away," she said.

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