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CELEBRATING 21 YEARS (1997-2018)

"Melbourne's best walking tour"
- Sunday Age

"A world-class ghost tour"
- The Great Outdoors

"Melbourne in all its ghostly glory"
- Coxy's Big Break

Drew Sinton

Come face to face with Melbourne's haunted past on one of Australia's oldest and most famous ghost tours. Explore dark lanes and spooky sites while discovering dark secrets behind our cultural capital.

"A spine-tingling journey"
- Postcards

"I witnessed my first ghost!"
- Unexplained Phenomena

Flagstaff Gardens

"Drew Sinton's legendary ghost tour" - Kaleidoscope Magazine UK


Each tour is personally conducted by Haunted Bookshop owner and Foxtel's Haunted Australia TV presenter Drew Sinton who has been researching Australia's ghosts for over 30 years and is a proud recipient of a Melbourne Lord Mayor's commendation.

"A leading paranormal authority"
- Melbourne News

Lord Mayor Commendation


After over 20 years tickets are still $20 each or $18 concession. Tour departs 8.30 pm Saturdays from Melbourne's Haunted Bookshop. Groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount. Please wear comfortable shoes, bring an umbrella if raining but please don't bring alcohol.

"Great value for money"
- Trip Advisor

"I absolutely LOVED your Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour. I went on seven ghost tours, three cemetery tours and two gaol tours around Australia for the book I'm working on, and yours was, by far, the best one. Your mystique and use of humor made everything you said captivating and engaging. So many tour guides can lose the attention of patrons no matter how interesting the history or paranormal phenomenon that has taken place in presented areas. But with your tours, every moment was exciting and professional" - Chris Kullstroem, author Making a Monstrous Halloween

"A fascinating night out"
- NZ Dominion

"Weird and wonderful"
- Post Magazine

"A whole lot of fun"
- Weekend Notes

Mitre Tavern


Dining before the ghost tour or visiting Melbourne? Pay for your tour in advance through the Haunted Bookshop and receive 20% off the price of your meal at nearby historic, haunted Mitre Tavern Saturday night or Sunday lunchtime only.


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15 McKillop Street
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(03) 9670 2585

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday
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'Hi Drew, Thanks for a great tour on Saturday night. We both really loved it and such value for money' - Shelley Oliver, Katoomba NSW (Email, 4 May 2017)

'Hey just wanna say, I enjoyed the tour so much! My boyfriend was a skeptic and I think he possibly could've left a changed man ... you made the tour so interactive and opened my eyes to Melbourne and the side of its history we don't learn at school' - Ebony Chamberlain, Melbourne (Facebook email, 12 February 2017)

'It's so good I've done it twice' - Rowan Anderson, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 17 January 2017)

'I have been on this tour - it was amazing' - Heidi Willis, Melbourne (Instagram comment, 16 January 2017)

'Hi Drew, Just wanted to say thank you for the tour last night. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was an amazing experience' - Rachel Lowe, Melbourne (Email, 17 September 2016)

'It was a great night last night Drew. Really enjoyed the history of Melbourne and would love to hear more' - Anne Miguel, Melbourne (Email, 20 June 2016)

'Hi Drew - I just wanted to say thanks for a great tour the other night. We enjoyed the history, the eerie stories, and the side of Melbourne we would not have seen otherwise ... I will be recommending your tour to anyone and everyone. Keep up the great work' - Benn Grandidge, Sydney (Email, 9 May 2016)

'Drew, We had such a great time. Thank you!! Some of the group including myself are going to do it again soon and stalk you big time so we can hear everything!! Don't worry, you will be safe' - Michael Boyd, Melbourne (Email, 28 April 2015)

'Hiya Drew - just wanted to thank you for an excellent tour last night - my first one - I was amazed at all the hauntings in Melb - I've been here 10 years and never knew all of that. Thanks for a wonderful experience - I'll be back for another very soon,' Heidi Willis, Melbourne (Email, 26 April 2015)

'Drew, Thank you for a most enjoyable and intriguing evening. Through your combination of knowledge, professionalism and eccentricity, we were able to view the city through new eyes. Melbourne is certainly lucky to have you' - Christina Tsitsas, Melbourne (Email, 10 November 2014)

'Hi Drew, I came on your tour last night with my son and we loved it. At two particular sights I got the shivers and a little spooked, which is a positive thing for a tour like this. Thank you for this experience' - Carmel McGuire, Melbourne (Email, 9 November 2014)

'Hi Drew. Just want to thank you for the brilliant Haunted Melbourne Tour on Saturday the 8th of Feb - in spite of the hot weather my friends & I enjoyed ourselves and learnt heaps' - Debra Lister, Melbourne (Email, 10 February 2014)

'Hi Drew - Thanks again for a great tour last week - much better and more professional than what XXX is running which felt a lot like amateur hour. I’m looking forward to returning to Melbourne to explore some of the new locations ... I thought I would like you know that as we gathered around for the last time at XXX there was an extra presence with us. I spotted a spirit out of the corner of my eye which I assumed was another person (it felt like a male presence) from amongst the living. When I turned to see who it was of course nothing was there ...' - John Dixon, Melbourne (Email, 15 January 2014)

'Hi Drew - Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the tour on Saturday night! Really interesting and great value' - Pauline Bailey, Gippsland (Email, 11 November 2013)

'Hi Drew - I was on your tour last Saturday night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was very informative and entertaining and I enjoyed learning the added historical details you shared' - Jack Casey, Melbourne (28 October 2013)

"Hi Drew, Just wanted to say thanks for the great tour, I have been on a few ghost tours and this has to be the best I have been on. The history and information was so interesting, and I got a few good photos too that night, plenty of orbs, would like to share them with you. Thank you again for a wonderful experience, it was fantastic!' Mary Greentree, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 17 September 2013)

'Drew. Thank you for a wonderful entertaining and scary night last Saturday. Being a teacher I knew some of Melbourne's history but did not know about the ghosts and graveyards. That truly opened my eyes (I actually told my class some of the new stories I learnt on my educational excursion). Congratulations on running a successful night, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you do well with all your ventures in the future' - Anne Spengler, Melbourne (Email, 21 August 2013)

'Thank you so much for the tour tonight!! I've done many ghost tours but none like this. It was just brilliant. Your knowledge, presentation, character and sense of humour was all so fitting and made for an intriguing tour. I'm so glad I finally got to do it after it being on my bucket list for years. Bummer about the rain but hey, it is the middle of winter after all. Thank you so much for such a unique experience!' - Tara Dimond, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 4 August 2013)

'This tour reveals a fascinating slice of Melbourne's history. To enjoy it most, come with comfortable shoes and an open mind' – Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (America Online Travel, 21 May 2013)

'An insight into Melbourne's ghosts past and present. We were not sure what to expect when we booked this tour. It was a great experience & a healthy, informative way to spend an evening. Make sure you have dinner before you set off as it didn't finish until 11.20pm. We started at 8.30pm & walked & walked! Much of what you see you would never find out yourself & it brings a new perspective to places. The tour guide/ bookshop owner is extremely passionate about his role as he leads you through all the back streets. Great value for money' – Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (Trip Advisor, 15 April 2013)

'Just went on this tour during our New Zealand/Australia cruise on Feb 27, 2013. ABSOULUTELY LOVED THIS TOUR! We started out at Drew Sinton's "Haunted Bookshop”. I wish that I had more time to explore this wonderful store! The tour was approximately 2 hours walking the city and the dark alleys of Melbourne as Mr. Sinton told stories of ghost sightings and history occurring at each location. We also stopped at a local haunted restaurant for a snack during the tour. Mr. Sinton was very entertaining and knowledgeable of the city’s dark past. I was very engaged and entertained throughout. His storytelling is fantastic!! Highly recommend' – Paul LeHenry, Massachusets USA (Facebook comment, 6 March 2013)

'Fun and informative. Had a great evening learning all about the back streets and ghosts of Melbourne. This was a fun way to spend an evening and with 50 of us on the tour (most non-believers/most from Melbourne itself) the tour guide pulled off a masterful job - always staying in character and being a fountain of knowledge on Melbourne's History. At $20 a head - it was well worth the money. Wear comfortable walking shoes though!' – Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (Trip Advisor, 25 February 2013)

'Hi Drew, thanks very much for the tour tonight, it was so informative and enjoyable. Loved learning about the stories of Melbourne in times gone by and current events. Your knowledge is absolutely incredible, and the tour was so fun and compelling. Thanks again, will be recommending the tour to friends and family' – Kylie Harris, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 17 February 2013)

'Loved the tour, thankyou for so much info on the history of Melbourne!! Was an interesting experience and looking forward to paying a visit to the State Library sometime next week:)' – Nicki Alyce, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 7 October 2012)

'I absolutely LOVED your Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour. Throughout the month of June I went on seven ghost tours, three cemetery tours and two gaol tours around Australia for the book I'm working on, and yours was, by far, the best one. I know you mentioned that a majority of the population craves entertainment more than knowledge, but you presented both equally well. Your mystique and use of humor made everything you said captivating and engaging. So many tour guides can lose the attention of patrons no matter how interesting the history or paranormal phenomenon that has taken place in presented areas. Their voice may get a bit monotone, they may speak too quickly for the information to impact patrons, and countless other factors. But with your tours, every moment was exciting and professional. I wish I was back in Melbourne so I could go on a few more!' – Chris Kullstroem, US dark tourism writer and author of Making a Monstrous Halloween (Email, 2 July 2012)

'Hi Drew, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful night last Saturday! I have recommended your tour to friends and family!!! It was brilliant!' – Brittany Walsh, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 28 September 2011)

'Thank you so much for a incredible night last night! The tour was spooky, compelling and educational. You are a wonderful guide. It was very nice to meet you and talk to you!' – Janine O'Toole, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 4 September 2011)

'Hi Drew ... thankyou so much for a wonderful fascinating spooky night Saturday we had a great time ... Bec and I will be visiting your beautiful bookshop soon ... once we have devoured our Edgar Allan Poe books ... Thanks :)' – Marie Hough, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 5 July 2011)

'My friends and I had a superb time last Saturday on the tour - a thoroughly enjoyable (and educational) birthday night - Thank you Drew' – Jennifer Ratcliffe, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 30 June 2011)

'Rumours that Drew concludes the night with the ritual sacrifice of the most virginal-looking member of the tour group are entirely without foundation. Probably' – Owen Thomas, Melbourne Walking Tour review (Hip Side Guides, 22 June 2011)

'Hi Drew, after being a guest on your tour a few years ago tonight was just as amazing as it was back then. Thanks for a great night my partner and I really enjoyed it very informative and the laughs along the way are great too! Keep up the great work and I'm sure I'll be attending your tour again in the not too distant future!' – Lauren Clements, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 26 June 2011)

'Hi Drew. Just wanted to thank you again for your most excellent tour of Melbourne. The 'distracted teens' couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. And they did learn a few things. I certainly loved it and found it fascinating and now want to explore more about our Melbourne history. Oh I also have this pic here ... Once again thank you!' – Eliza Ticknell, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 19 June 2011)

'My Wife and I recently took part in The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour on our honeymoon in Melbourne and had a great time - it certainly opened our eyes to a side of Melbourne we didn't expect to see. Since returning home we haven't been able to stop talking about the bookshop, the tour or Drew - it was definitely something to remember our trip by' – Mickey Cristiano, Sydney (Facebook comment, 1 June 2011)

'The best ghost tour I've ever been on!!!!!' – Karin Eames, Adelaide (Facebook comment, 26 April 2011)

'Best ghost tour, and by far the best history lesson also. You will learn more about Melbourne's history in one night than you will in 13 years of schooling here in Victoria.' – Akira Zosens, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 26 April 2011)

'Hello Drew ... I would just like to express my gratitude, on how amazing last night's tour was!!! The way that you presented all the stories behind the scenes of all the places, was absolutely brilliant ... I am recommending it to all of my friends and people that I know, and I will be most definitely ... doing it again some time' – Ang Elique, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 24 April 2011)

'Hi Drew - myself and 3 others were on last night's tour (Easter sat) and loved it. I was wondering if you had any books about your tours and the history you tell during the tours. I would love to learn more. Any information would be great. Regards Rachel. Great tour by the way!!!' – Rachel Sincock, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 24 April 2011)

'Hi Drew - Thanks so much 4 the tour on sat-16th, my bf nd I really enjoyed it..!! It's made me love Melbourne even more =)' – Manda Osbourne, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 19 April 2011)

'Great tour last night Drew, made the hens night a blast - thanks again so so much!!!' – Adele Bennett, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 17 April 2011)

'Hi Drew, thank you for a very entertaining, although rainy evening on the 9th April. Your knowledge of Melbourne is excellent and entertaining. I have downloaded photos from my camera, low and behold, I have photos with Orbs and mist. Excellent photo of the same figure in -- as others, -- at the big tree also has a spirit presenting itself. Thanks again, a must for all Melburnians.' – Harley Hill, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 10 April 2011)

'Thanks for the add Drew, and for the wonderful and entertaining tour last night. Got a very interesting photo. Literally as u were saying about a man in a coat … I'm more than convinced. Thanks again for the fun and wicked stories, hopefully see you again sometime. Keep it spooky' – Andrew Dowling, Queanbeyan NSW (Facebook comment, 3 April 2011)

'Thank you for a very informative and interesting tour on Saturday night. My group thoroughly enjoyed the whole night...I was glad I was able to tell you some of my recollections. As I said before leaving I will be back with more people who wanted to come but weren't able to' - Debra Senior, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 19 April 2011)

'Thank you Drew for a spookily great evening. I never knew that about Queen Vic market' - Melanie Gimblett, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 13 March 2011)

'Great night, great stories - I have a new found interest in the city' - Peta O'Sullivan, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 12 March 2011)

'If you want to explore and learn more about the 'most liveable city' from a guide with visible passion and knowledge about the subject, then an interesting history certainly awaits' - Natalie Savino, Melbourne (Upstart Magazine, 23 March 2011)

'Hi Drew - Thanks for a really great night - we all enjoyed the evening despite the rain. Looking forward to bringing some more friends along in the coming weeks. A very interesting tour into some of Melbournes dark macabre past - I will never think of-- in the same light again ;) Keep up the great work.' - David Whitt, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 27 February 2011)

'Drew - thanks for a great night. It was a very informative tour which makes me want to know more of Melbourne's dark history' - Dean Thomson, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 27 February 2011)

'An absolute 'Must Do' tour by young & old alike ... Many thanks Drew for an awe inspiring evening, we will most definitely be coming back for more! This is a tour, each & every Melburnian (especially) should endeavour to take part in!' - Amber Harcourt Horsfield, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 21 February 2011)

'I was on your Haunted Ghost Tour on Saturday the 12th Feb and took some random pictures - some at--. In one of the pictures I took there appears to be the figure of a fair or gray haired gentleman with a 3/4 black jacket, with black trousers. I tried to bring it up close and I could see his eyes quite clearly. There also appears to be a figure on the other side of him, but not as clear. There was definitely nothing there when I took the shot. Many thanks for a great evening. It was very interesting and enjoyable' - Angie Wills, Melbourne (Email, 20 February 2011)

'Hi Drew, thank you so much for a very interesting Saturday night! My friend and I were visiting from Adelaide and thoroughly enjoyed the tour' - Kirsty Simons, Adelaide SA (Facebook comment, 14 February 2011)

'A big thank you for the tour on Saturday night. As always, it was informative and interesting. I enjoyed it just as much as I had a few years ago!' - Maria Markogiannakis-Kafaltis, Chelsea VIC (Facebook comment, 8 February 2011)

'Just thought I'd pass on some feedback from the tour a big group of us did on Sat 22nd Jan this year- we all LOVED it! Fantastic historical snippets that would be hard to come across any other way!' - Claire Wakefield, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 30 January 2011)

'I am completely hooked on this tour. The epitome of amazing. Would it be overly ... obsessive to come two weeks running' - Erin Carrington, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 24 January 2011)

'Thanks Drew for a truly awesome, fascinating and informative night. Will definitely be telling my Sydney friends about last night's tour with the highest of recommendation when I get home' - Karen Jenkin, Sydney (Facebook comment, 22 January 2011)

'Myself and my family had a wonderful time ... it was amazing and we will certainly return. Thank you once again for your kindness and insightful words which I am sure touched many of us' - Ashley Ellen, Berwick VIC (Facebook comment, 17 January 2011)

'Love your shop, love your show, love your tours! Thanks for doing what you do!' - Natalia Miller, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 11 May 2010)

'Melbourne Ghost Tour rules. I have been twice and would go every weekend if I could' - Kellie Nolc, Cranbourne VIC (Facebook comment, 18 August 2010)

'With a lilting "Welcome aboard" and a wide-brimmed hat, Sinton is transformed into our supernatural guide, an elegant, swooping, camp mortician whose face is alive with raised eyebrows, eerie grins and unexpectedly long gazes into unsuspecting eyes ... What shines through most, however, is Sinton's love for Old Melbourne. He's as keen to point out lost history as hauntings, bemoaning the demolition of sites of significance through modernisation of the city. It means tourists and locals learn as much about the city's past as the afterlife' - James Smith, Melbourne (Sunday Age, 28 March 2010)

'Me, my partner and a journalist friend of mine from NZ very much enjoyed the Haunted Melbourne tour on Saturday nite. I look forward to browsing the bookshop soon!' - Damian Wilson, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 3 March 2010)

'It was good to see a cross section of the population of all ages and backgrounds on the tour. Should have brought my camera to capture any ghosts. You also have the best range of Alchemy Gothic I have ever seen :)' - Susan Illingworth, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 28 February 2010)

'Thanks for an awesome night on Saturday, Drew - it was a unique and insightful experience of the City I call home - and it couldn't have been told better than by someone as eccentric as you!' - Hayley Costanzo, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 18 January 2010)

'I took your ghost tour a couple of years back and absolutely loved it. Hope it's still running as I'd love to go again' - Scott Brown, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 18 January 2010)

'You do an awesome job on your tours - love them' - Dominic Leuzzi, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 10 January 2010)

'Thank you for an excellent time tonight, it was really amazing to get to talk to you and get to know history about Melbourne's ghosts' - Jamie, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 11 January 2009)

'Thanks for a great tour ... I went on the 29th of November and really enjoyed it ... It was a great night and I love your shop too ... Soooo many books' - Tamara, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 4 December 2008)

'Saturday night's tour was great. I've been aware of the tour probably almost since you began, but there is that curse of being a local and thinking 'I must do that one day' and never getting around to it. When my friend who was visiting from Brisbane said the tour had been recommended to him, my daughter and I were more than happy to join him, and I'm so pleased we did. Anyway, with all the accolades you have, you don't need me to remind you what a great evening you deliver!' – Winsome Bailey, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 10 November 2008)

'Extremely fascinating - thank you very much' – Sarah Powell, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 9 November 2008)

'I really enjoyed the ghost tour last night! Would love to go again soon!' - Andy Lee, Melbourne (Facebook comment, 29 June 2008)

'I loved your tour - it was well worth the trip and we were so excited about it. Thanks heaps, Drew - keep up the good work' - Victoria Mallaghan, Paynesville VIC (Facebook comment, 3 June 2008)

'Thankyou for all the interesting facts and talking to my brother and I about what he saw at Cobb & Co and at home. Keep up the tour' – Erin Strummer, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 5 May 2008)

'Loved your tour - will go on it again and again and again!' – Annie H, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 29 April 2008)

'Thanks heaps for a great tour last night. It was greatly informative, and you're a fantastic tour guide. A great way to start off the new year' - Pamela, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 6 January 2008)

'I have to say that tour last night was fabulous. I have been wanting to do it for a long time now and it didn't disappoint! The knowledge of Melbourne you have is awesome' - Jesse, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 23 December 2007)

'Hi Drew, I've been on your tours numerous times over the years and enjoyed each one immensely! Thanks for the work you do in bringing the paranormal to the public attention - which I know isn't always easy!' - Darren, Ghost Research International, Melbourne (Myspace comment, 12 December 2007)

'If you don't believe in ghosts then take the tour knowing you are in for a very hands-on historical tour of the city. If you do believe in what is out there, well then you might be surprised. I've lived in Melbourne for many years and it was fantastic to see the city through new eyes' - Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (Trip Advisor, 3 December 2007)

'My hubby and I also did this tour a few years ago and also found this to be a fantastic tour - even on a historical level. There is so much in the CBD that we didn't know about that we learnt on this tour! The tour guide is awesome too - he fits the part so well!' - Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (Trip Advisor, 3 December 2007)

'Thanks for a great tour, we haven't had that much fun since the Edinburgh ghost walk 8 years ago!' - Ben, Melbourne (Email, 21 October 2007)

'I love Drew's tour. You learn a lot about Melbourne, the history and things that you wouldn't normally hear about. The night we went, we did see something on a second story landing and the awful smell that came over the group ... I would recommend the tour to anyone' - Kevin, Melbourne (Haunted Australia review, 13 October 2007)

'Last Saturday I went on your Melbourne Ghost Tour and it was wonderful. I went with four other women and we had a blast! It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. However, no matter how much I enjoyed the tour I must say that it was your bookshop that was the highlight of the whole experience. I have not seen such a well presented and cared for bookshop, well, ever. It was just so organised and had such a wide variety of books in such a small space. However that could be the future Librarian in me talking. Thank you for a wonderful time' - Ashley, Sydney (Email, 4 September 2007)

'I was supposed to do it YEARS ago. Never got around to it even though I had intended on doing it every winter. Winter seems to have an eerie feel to it. I can honestly say, I loved it. It was informative and very entertaining. I know several people who have been on it and they also had a lot of positive things to say about it. All you non-Victorians should get on the next flight and get on down here' - Jose, Haunted Australia TV investigator, Melbourne (Haunted Australia review, 22 August, 2007)

'I have personally been on (The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour) and thought it very informative. Drew does a great job with history and theatrics. Very well worth the effort and cost' - Gary Sullivan, Haunted Australia TV Chief Investigator, Melbourne (Haunted Australia review, 20 July, 2007)

'Ghosts aside, the Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour is an entertaining way to learn more about our city's past and to give yourself an occasional fright at the same time' - Rohan Trollope, Melbourne (What's On Melbourne, 6 March, 2006)

'The one thing you don't want to do on a ghost tour is get behind because it's very scary. So scary that so far two people have had heart attacks - one before they even left the shop! Melbourne in all its ghostly glory ... take the tour if you dare' - Des Dowling, Melbourne (Coxy's Big Break, 3 April, 2005)

'Money very well spent! $20 can't get you much these days but if you want value for money (it went for over 2 hours) and a great experience you must do the Haunted ghost tour. It was not just a normal spook fest, I learnt so much about Melbourne's history. And what can I say about Drew the man who conducts the tour ... he deserves an Oscar. Go do it!!' - Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour review (Yahoo Travel Guide, 8 August 2004)

'Thank you a million times over for all your help, wonderful suggestions and enthusiasm in making Daniel and Karol's marriage proposal so fabulous. You were brilliant!' - Natasha, Drew, Paul and the Love Me, Love Me Not crew, Melbourne (Letter, 3 May 2002)

'Believe or not, you are promised a fascinating night out. Whether you see anything or not, and a number of people say they have, you will be stimulated and well exercised (or should that be exorcised?)' - Bill O'Byrne, New Zealand (Dominion, 9 February 2002)

'A world-class ghost tour' - Ernie Dingo & the team, Melbourne (The Great Outdoors, 23 October 2001)

'Were we freaked out? Oh yeah! An eerie silence fell over the group as we listened to tales of mass murder, suicide and horrific accidents. Needless to say, we got our money's worth' - Steve Gerlach, Richard Laymon Society, Melbourne (Website review, 3 March 2001)

'Thankyou for participating in the Halloween ghost tour promotion with TTFM. The live crosses sounded terrific on air and our winners had a great time. ... (They) found the tour very interesting and even had some sightings!' - Gilly Hay, promotions co-ordinator, 101.1 TTFM, Melbourne (Letter, 3 November 2000)

'It was amazing to hear so many new things about the history of my city. ... There were so many interesting stories and tales about Melbourne that I had no idea even existed' - Kelly, Temple Of The Winds Melbourne (Website review, 24 June 2000)

'... As soon as I walked in there, I felt a bad presence, like there wasn't something nice in there ... at this stage (Drew) hadn't told the story ... I looked up towards the balcony and in the doorway I saw a man dressed in white carrying something ... I was at the front of the group and slowly made my way to the back of the group ... I ended up crying, because I had a wave of emotion sweep over me ... that really freaked me out ...' - Kellie, Adelaide (Castle Of The Spirits website review, February 2000)

'Our 'g-host' Drew Sinton was the ultimate haunted tour guide. No spooky moments were staged for our 12 person tour group. Rather, Drew walked us through paranormal history of various locations around the city. Our group of bachelors was mesmerised by the undead history of the city. If you are ever in Melbourne, Drew Sinton and his Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour are out of this world and worth stopping by to see. I'd be scared not to go' - Dave Rockwell, Fairfax, Vancouver (Bad Rat website review, November 1999)

'The tour was great ... my total sceptic husband loved it the most (while) the kids were very keen to revisit (one of the haunted sites) and go back to the shop' - Julie Curran, Melbourne (Letter, 11 August 1999)

'Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Saturday night's ghost tour. You have obviously researched the material thoroughly and I found the places we visited interesting. I am pleased there were no 'pranks' played on the group as I thought may have happened. Keep up the good work' - Jean Hurly, Melbourne(Letter, 20 July 1999)

'Everyone including myself thoroughly enjoyed the tour and wanted to thank you for giving them all such a wonderfully interesting time. All members of the State Library who were on that tour said that they have now been looking constantly over their shoulders and that the Library has a different feel to it now!' - Rowena Gilbert, Australian Ghost Hunters Society vice president and Castle of the Spirits website operator, Sydney (Email, 20 May 1999)

'We thought you were great in accommodating to the dynamics of the group and did well in presenting a non-biased presentation. You were careful in maintaining neutrality - which showed your professionalism - by not imposing any of your own beliefs or spirituality on those on the tour.We certainly got to see some great and beautiful parts of Melbourne we never realised had existed before as well as learning quite a bit of history about the city. Getting us to walk through supposedly haunted sites on our own in the dark probably proved to be the most adrenalin pumping if not captivating aspect of the tour. I will have no hesitation commending your tours to those keen for an interesting and fun evening' - Andrew Hill, Melbourne University (Letter, 2 May 1999)

'We just wanted to say a really big thank you for sharing some of the secrets of Melbourne with us. Having worked in the city for over 9 years, I doubt I will see some of those familiar places in the same light. Truly an incredible underworld we live in. It was also a great history lesson, and we shall both be recommending not only your bookshop, but the tour as well. Look forward to doing the State Library with you' - Vanessa & Graeme, Melbourne (Email, 15 April 1999)

'Norma and I both admired the way you conducted the tour and how patient you were with the big group (22 Salvation Army members). It was amazing how many interesting places we saw - in the normal course of events you would never be able to see these places. It was so much fun and so unexpected' - Joy Napier, Melbourne (Letter, 23 February 1999)

'I had the best time and learnt a heap about Melbourne I didn't know about. You certainly have a product to be very proud of in your Ghost Tour. I thought it was every bit as good as the one I did in New Orleans, better even because we didn't go inside anywhere there' - Margaret Gill, Melbourne (Email, 10 February 1999)

'My first ghost experience ... I would highly recommend it to people who have doubts ... I will come back again and again' - Phil, Melbourne (Comments Book, 5 February 1999)

'Absolutely amazing - I never expected that Melbourne could come alive with the dead ... I will never look at Melbourne the same way again' - Daniel, Melbourne (Comments Book, 5 February 1999)

'A most enjoyable experience ... one I will never forget - I witnessed my first ghost! Melbourne is so full of history I didn't know about ... absolutely fantastic!' - Tanya Keam, Unexplained Phenomena radio show host, Melbourne (Comments Book, 16 January 1999)

'Drew paints you an excellent picture of what Melbourne used to be like - from the first undertakers to the swamp that used to be at the bottom of Elizabeth Street ... highly recommended for all our listeners!' - Gavin J, Unexplained Phenomena radio show host, Melbourne (Website Review, 16 January, 1999)

'A really fascinating evening - informative, interesting and at times scary ... everybody who wants a ghostly experience must do the tour' - Jenny Edgington, New Zealand (Comments Book, 16 January, 1999)

'A very enjoyable evening with very good commentary' - Alec Sharp, Boronia VIC (Comments Book, 17 January 1999)

'What an experience! Thanks for granting us an unforgettable Xmas!' - Sharon, Sydney NSW (Comments Book 24 December 1998)

'A must-do part of the Melbourne scenery for any foreign traveller' - Jonathan Gilhof, London UK (Comments Book 17 December 1998)

'Gave me a very different impression of Melbourne ... interesting and unique ... well done' - Penny, Manchester UK (Comments Book 2 December 1998)

'Fascinating and informative ... Melbourne will never seem the same again' - Dakini, Melbourne (Comments Book, 2 December 1998)

'A great experience for anyone curious about the possibility of ghosts ... also a sound way to experience the 'other side' of Melbourne ... good fun' - Clint Hubbard, Reno Nevada US (Comments Book 30 November 1998)

'Very interesting tour ... value in both the accounts of local hauntings and local history ... compares well with the London ghost tour' - Chris, London UK (Comments Book, 28 November 1998)

'The tour was very interesting - much more than I expected ... the content was great and I can't think of anything you guys could do to improve it' - Trina Lipton, Northern Ireland (Comments Book, 24 November 1998)

'We really enjoyed it - spooky!' - Rachael Kilk, Wales (Comments Book, 19 November 1998)

'The ghost tour was one of the most fascinating activities I've participated in and a great introduction to Melbourne's history' - Sue Hodges, Public History Centre Manager, State Library of Victoria VIC (Email, 16 October 1998)

'The tour was extremely fascinating not only from the ghost point of view but also from the historical point of view ... the whole event has whetted my appetite for more knowledge' - Peter Friswell, Melbourne (Email, 27 September 1998)

'All involved on the ghost tour had an incredible time and we will be recommending it to our friends ...' - Peter Ryan, Melbourne (Email, 1 September 1998)


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